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Create and Share

This page contains information that will help you create songs for StepMania and share them with other people.

Create songs for StepMania

If you have a music file and want to make a song it into a playable on StepMania song, you first need steps that go along with the music. You can:

  • make the steps yourself using the tutorial below, or
  • use the Forums link on the left and look for other StepMania users who would be willing to create the steps.

Jasa SEO


Create Your Own Songs

Export and Share a Song

If you're on Mac, like some people, just make an archive of the Song File. Toko Bunga Online

Submitting your StepMania song

If your submission is of decent quality, we'll post it to the StepMania front page and include a link credit in the download.

Song submissions must be fully playable in StepMania and must include:

  • A music file (usually .mp3)
  • A step file (.sm or .dwi)
  • A banner graphic (.png)
  • A background graphic (.png)

See Songs for examples of works then see Contact Us: Submit Song to send your creation to be posted on


Want to learn more about how songs, courses, themes, and the rest of StepMania works? See out Docs section.

Find legal music to use in your StepMania song

Creative Commons content search

"This search tool accesses search engines that identify websites that either contain metadata of or a link back to a Creative Commons license. By facilitating these search results, we are not making any representation that the content is actually or is lawfully offered under a Creative Commons license. You must independently verify the terms under which the content is made available and make your own assessment as to whether these terms are lawfully applied to the content."

Artists who volunteer the use of their music

If you are an artist who is volunteering to make your music available for use in StepMania songs, please place your URL below:

Thanks to (donated web hosting)