Dance Pad Recommendations

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Dance Pads: Recommendations Dance Pads Other Controllers USB Adapters

Dance Pad and Adapter Recommendations

Learn about dance pads and see what models we recommend.


If you don't already have a dance pad

<SmScreen src="Dance%20Pads/tn/pc_RedOctaneIgnition3.jpg" href=""/>

== Recommended Dance Pad ==
RedOctane Ignition 3.0
Manufacturer: RedOctane
Comments: Has a built-in connectors for USB, PlayStation, and Xbox. Automatically maps in StepMania 4.0 and newer. Pad construction is very good. Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Comments: Some users report that when using the USB connector with AMD-based systems, the pad responds sluglishly.
Buy: Amazon Play-Asia

If you already have a PlayStation-compatible dance pad

<SmScreen src="Adapters/tn/ps-ems_usb2.jpg" href=""/>

== Recommended PlayStation to USB Adapter ==
PlayStation ports per adapter: 2
Manufacturer: EMS Production
Comments: Automaps in StepMania 3.9 and newer. No Dance Pad Code or driver necessary to function with StepMania. Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Buy: Play-Asia

Dance Pad Connectors

<SmScreen src="Docs/tn/DancePads_UsbConnector.jpg"/>

USB Connector

This connection type is the best for StepMania because it can connect directly to your computer.

<SmScreen src="Docs/tn/DancePads_PlayStationConnector.jpg"/>

PlayStation Connector

This connection type can connect to your computer with a PlayStation to USB adapter.

<SmScreen src="Docs/tn/DancePads_XboxConnector.jpg"/>

Xbox Connector

This connection type can connect to your computer with a Xbox to USB adapter.

Dance Pad Build Types

<SmScreen src="Dance%20Pads/tn/ps2_RedOctaneItgPad.jpg" href=""/>

Slim, Soft Pads

Slim/soft/sheet pads are very difficult to use on anything but the simplest of songs. There is no rigidness to these types of pads, which results in constant sliding, tearing, and frustration from not knowing where your feet are relative to the arrows.

<SmScreen src="Dance%20Pads/tn/pc_RedOctaneIgnition3.jpg" href=""/>

Foam-Insert Pads

Foam-insert pads have a zipper around the edge and a pocket inside of the pad that houses hard foam layer. The foam insert makes the pad more stiff, greatly improving all aspects of performance. Many foam-insert pads also have raised panels which allow your feet to feel the location of the panels while dancing.

Although these pads are a great improvement over slim and soft pads, foam-insert pads can be damaged if played on with shoes, can slide when playing very intense songs, and lack the tactile feel of arcade pads.

<SmScreen src="Dance%20Pads/tn/pc_RedOctaneAfterburner.jpg" href=""/>

Metal Pads

Most metal pads are designed for performance and reliability even when playing very difficult songs. The cheaper metal pads tend to require maintenance or modification (for example, the screws loosen over time and need to be secured with caulking).

StepMania Compatibility Lists

Dance Pads:


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