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StepMania is an open-source project. This page contains information for software developers interested in working on StepMania.

Getting Started

Anyone is welcome to contribute to StepMania. We suggest you start by subscribing to the stepmania-devs mailing list (details below). If you have features that you would like to work on adding to StepMania, please send your ideas for feedback to the stepmania-devs mailing list or talk to us on IRC.

Please do not send feature requests to the mailing list unless you're working on the feature yourself. We have a forum for feature requests.

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In general, we don't give our Mercurial commit access until you have a change or feature close to ready for checkin. If you're discussing your idea on the mailing list, just ask for commit access when you're close to ready for checkin.

Important Links

We are no longer using anything on SourceForge (and haven't been for a long time). Google Code is where all recent development has happened.

How we communicate

Mailing Lists


Message Boards

StepMania wiki uses MediaWiki to manage its content.

  • Click Edit at the bottom of any page.
  • Create a wiki account if you don't already have one.
  • Track recent changes.

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