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FAQ, Tutorials, Documentation

Find answers to common questions and learn how to use some of the major features of StepMania.

Can't find an answer to your question on the StepMania web site? Ask your question on the StepMania Message Boards.

About StepMania
Find out what StepMania is, who uses it, and who makes it.

Top Questions

Full FAQs


Install and Configure StepMania
Follow these instructions to put StepMania on your computer and start a game.
Download and Install Songs
Read this to find out how to get songs for StepMania and how to install them.
Configure Keyboard and Dance Pads
Connect and configure your keyboard or dance pads.
How to Play
This is a brief introduction to the menu screens and how to play the game.
Create Your Own Songs
Import any MP3/ogg to create a StepMania song, and then create steps for your new song.
Export and Share a Song
Export a song you've created to a .smzip file then share it with others.
How to connect Xbox Pads
Connect Xbox dance pads to your PC.
Auto Generate Steps
How to auto generate steps for any song.
Load StepMania songs in In The Groove
Play all of your StepMania songs in In The Groove for PC/Mac.
Convert MP3s to OGG
Batch convert all of your MP3 song files to OGG for use with In The Groove.
Custom Songs with In The Groove 2 Arcade
Play custom StepMania song on In The Groove 2 arcade machines.
Record StepMania Movies
Record movies of your own StepMania performances.
Hook up to a TV
See instructions for hooking StepMania on your PC up to a TV.


Warning: Most of this applies specifically to 3.9 and is in severe need of updating.


Minimum Requirements
Useful Keys (that you wouldn't know about unless you read this)
StepMania Tools - change game settings, create a new StepMania song from an MP3
Hooking StepMania up to an arcade cabinet
Video Driver Troubleshooting
List of modifiers
USB Memory Cards

Themes and Other Graphics

Theme System Overview
Creating an Announcer
Creating a NoteSkin
Creating a Theme
Creating a Dancing Character
Lua scripting and Actor commands
How StepMania Loads Images
How StepMania Loads 3D Models

Songs and Steps

How StepMania Loads Songs
StepMania Packages - smzip
The StepMania editor
The .SM file format
The .SSC file format
Song Banners, Backgrounds and Album Arts
BGAnimations Format
Extra Stages
Unlock System
Song title and artist translations
How to synchronize songs
How to synchronize your computer
Song Lyrics - LRC Format


The .CRS File Format

StepMania 4.0

Developing for StepMania 4.0


Code Walkthrough


Assigning drive letters to USB ports in Windows

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