In The Groove

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In The Groove for PC/Mac

In The Groove for PC/Mac is a dance game with a ton of excellent built-in songs. It also has an unsupported and undocumented feature that lets you import and play songs from StepMania.

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Load StepMania songs in In The Groove
Play all of your StepMania songs in the full version of In The Groove for PC/Mac.
Convert MP3s to OGG
Batch convert all of your MP3 song files to OGG for use with In The Groove.
Custom Songs with In The Groove 2 Arcade
Play custom StepMania song on In The Groove 2 arcade machines.


I've followed the tutorial, but ITG still isn't finding my StepMania song with OGG music

Check that there is not an MP3 file in your song folder with the same name as the OGG. Delete the MP3 and see if ITG finds the song when there's only an OGG file.


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