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These are links to various sites about or related to StepMania. If you're looking specifically for song download sites, check our Song Download Sites page.

Submitted Sites

Top Community Sites

FlashFlashRevolution Videos
DDR East Invasion
Zenius -I- -4th style-
Pump Haven
Over the Frail Dream [Keyboard File Archive]
Pump-Ex [Español, registration required, downloads are in forums]

Community Message Boards

DDRUK Main StepMania forum
DDRUK StepMania Themes forum
BemaniStyle simulator forums
Flash Flash Revolution StepMania forums

About StepMania

StepMania on Wikipedia
StepMania Directory


Other Simulators

International StepMania sites
DDR/EZ2 Chile
Ez2Dancer Chile
Kick & Dance Brazil
Pump Mania Brazil
Viva o Linux Brazil
Pump mdq (Argentina)
StepMania France
Krokmania (Poland)
DDRPoland (Poland)
Fox-Website (Poland)
Strefa StepMania (Poland)
Unlocked Arcade (Czech)
Israel DDR (hebrew) (english)
Pump-Ex [Mexico]
Groove Game Group (China)
SMGroove(English) (Latinoamerica)
Dance Dance Revolution Québec
Stepmania MEDIA (Spanish)
StepMania Italian Forum (Italian)
DDR PC Gamer (French) (English)

Dance pad/controller modification sites

Duelo de Bailes (Español & English)
Pump-Ex (Español)

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