Pump It Up

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Pump It Up

This page contains info about the Pump It Up series of games. Pump It Up PRO runs on stepmania codebase.

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What is Pump It Up?

(excerpt from the Pump It Up Wikipedia article)

Each Pump It Up dance machine consists of a pad connected to the machine's computer hardware. On the dance pad are 5 buttons: two red ones on the corners closest to the cabinet, two blue ones on the corners farthest from the cabinet, and a yellow one in the middle. On the screen of the machine itself, arrows corresponding to each of these buttons scroll towards the top of the screen, and the player steps on the buttons on the dance pad when the arrow corresponding to the direction on the pad aligns itself with a set of stationary arrows at the top of the screen (sometimes called "targets" or "receptors").

Players receive a judgment for each step based on the accuracy of the step. Judgments include, from best to worst, Perfect, Great, Good, Bad and Miss. The size of these judgments vary from version to version, and sometimes depend on the difficulty of the machine set by the machine operator.


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