StepMania Micro

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To play, click in the game area, then press arrow keys
More SM Micro songs

What is StepMania Micro?

SM Micro is an experiment to see how StepMania implemented in HTML/CSS/JavaScript would work.

Browser Compatibility

Browser XP Win7 Mac Issues
Chrome Yes Yes Yes choppy ~50fps frame rate on XP and Mac due to no HW accel
Safari  ??? Yes  ???
Firefox 4 No Yes Yes choppy ~15fps frame rate on XP due to no HW accel
Internet Explorer 9 --- Yes ---
Opera 11 Yes Yes Yes HTML5 audio control shows but isn't clickable, Up and Down arrow keys scroll the page - use ASDW keys
Firefox 3.6 No No No low frame rate and audio out of sync
Internet Explorer 8 No No --- doesn't support HTML5 audio

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