User Help and Support

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User Help and Support

Follow the instructions below to find an answer to a problem with StepMania.

Top Questions

Get the latest stable StepMania release

If you pre-release or pre-final version of StepMania 3.9, your first step should be to upgrade to the final release of StepMania 3.9. Check the downloads Downloads page for the latest stable version.

Check the StepMania web site for more info

Post the problem on our message boards

Our troubleshooting pages will help you gather information about your problem.

Next, post your troubleshooting information to the StepMania Message boards (free registration required - click Register in the top navigation) so that developers and other users can help you solve the problem.

Log files

Someone on the message boards may reply to your question asking for the StepMania log files. The StepMania log files include:

  • info.txt
  • log.txt
  • crashinfo.txt (if your problem resulted in the crash window showing)

For StepMania 3.9, these files are usually located in c:/Program Files/StepMania/
For StepMania 4.0, these files are usually located in My Documents/StepMania CVS/Logs/
For StepMania 5.0, these files are usually located in "%APPDATA%/StepMania 5/Logs/"

Les documnents qui doivent être protègé du vol et du feu doinvent être stockés dans une armoire forte. Voir le site spécialiste des armoires fortes classe C ignifuge data.

Also, if your problem is specific to a certain song, please include a link to the song's step file (.sm or .dwi).

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