Video Card Compatibility

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Video Card Compatibility

This table is no longer being maintained. StepMania is compatible with virtually all graphics chips manufactured since 2001.

If you are experiencing a problem with your video card, see Video Driver Troubleshooting.

Some users report that this works with StepMania

Some users report that this doesn't work with StepMania

No information or incomplete information about StepMania compatibility


Manufacturer Models OpenGL Direct3D Comments
3dfx Voodoo3

Windows XP users should use the drivers included with the operating system. Windows 98/ME/2000 users should use the last official 3dfx drivers:

Card supports only 256x256 textures. Textures will appear very blurry. Glow effect doesn't work under OpenGL. Toggling full screen will crash under OpenGL. Some users report that the latest AmigaMerlin drivers work even better. You can grab them from VoodooFiles.

3dfx Voodoo2
Voodoo2 SLI

Voodoo2 single, ~43fps 800x600@85Hz Two Voodoo2s with SLI, ~90fps 800x600@85Hz. Tested only under Linux. You need to compile StepMania manually to allow playing without direct rendering. To actually run anything with these cards you also need the latest Glide3x and MesaGL with Glide3 support. Note: fullscreen only and changing video settings in the menu will crash stepmania. You need to manually edit Data/StepMania.ini.

ATI Radeon series Set SmoothVision option to "Application Preference" or else preformance will be poor on some models.
ATI All-In-Wonder Pro

Rage Pro
Rage XL

Windows 98/ME users must download the latest "Not WHQL Certified" drivers from ATI to to enable Direct3D 8 support. The Direct3D drivers supplied with Windows XP have terrible performance. Please download the latest "Not WHQL Certified" drivers from ATI. OpenGL isn't hardware accelerated despite what the drivers claim. Glow effect and vertex alpha don't work.
ATI Rage IIC There are no known Direct3D 8 drivers for Windows 98/ME. Windows XP users should use the drivers provided with the operating system.

All-In-W 128 Pro
All-In-W 128
Rage Fury Pro
Rage Fury
Rage Magnum
Rage 128
Rage 128 Pro
XPERT 2000 Pro
XPERT 2000

No known problems.
ATI Rage Mobility M1 Vertex alpha is broken in OpenGL. Glow effect is broken in OpenGL and Direct3D.
ATI Rage Mobility M4 no known problems
Intel 82810 Graphics
82815 Graphics
OpenGL is 50% faster than Direct3D. Please use drivers from Intel's web site for best performance. Using drivers bundled with Windows will result in a slower frame rate. Movie playback is very slow.
Matrox G200 no known problems
Matrox G400 Direct3D is 30% faster than OpenGL.
Matrox Millennium P650 Works fine with default StepMania settings using Matrox video driver version
Matrox Millenium  
Matrox Parhelia For triple head mode (3840x1024 85Hz) set aspect ratio in Preferences.ini manually to 3.75
NVIDIA GeForce series no known problems


Riva 128
OpenGL is faster than Direct3D. Please use drivers from NVIDIA's web site for best performance. Using drivers bundled with Windows will result in a slower frame rate.
S3 Savage 4 OpenGL is completely broken on this card under Win98/ME. It displays gibberish in even the simplest of applications. Glow effect doesn't work under Direct3D.
S3 ViRGE MX Doesn't work with either D3D or OpenGL. comes up with the following error: CreateTexture(128,32,pixfmt=t) failed: D3DERR_INVALIDCALL
S3 Savage Pro DDR (notebook) D3D is faster than OpenGL.
VIA/S3 Unichrome (Pro) IGP Works faster with D3D.
Contains some bugs in Windows 7 if plays SM3.9 or their derivates.
SiS 650 Some users report errors when using 2048 textures.
SiS 6326 The game runs in windowed mode, but not fullscreen.
Trident Cyberblade A1
Cyberblade Ai1
One user reports that OpenGL is 2-3x faster than D3D for this chip. Only some notebook manufacturers supply an OpenGL driver.

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