Video Driver Troubleshooting

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Video Driver Troubleshooting

Video drivers are the most common source of crashes when using StepMania.

Symptoms of a bad video card driver

  • Your system reboots when starting StepMania or while playing StepMania.
  • The arrows graphics have white all around the edges.

Update your video driver

If you have a notebook computer, visit your computer manufacturer's page to download the latest video driver. Be sure to download the latest non-beta drivers.

If you have a desktop computer, visit the web site of your video card's manufacturer for drivers. Be sure to download the latest non-beta drivers.

Try both Direct3D and OpenGL

Use StepMania Tools to change which graphics API StepMania will use. Try both Direct3D and OpenGL. You may find that one works better than the other.

How to identify the cause of your crash

If your problem resulted in a crash, open the crashinfo.txt file. Look down a dozen or so lines from the top until you see a section that looks similar in format to this:

Example of a crash caused by a video driver:

 bff7a189: KERNEL32!GetDateFormatA [bff70000+7f6f+221a]
 bff7b31d: KERNEL32!IsBadHugeWritePtr [bff70000+a5be+d5f]
 bff7b962: KERNEL32!IsBadHugeWritePtr [bff70000+a5be+13a4]
 bff74a5c: KERNEL32!LocalFree [bff70000+49d0+8c]
 695ce87f: NVOPENGL!69500000

This the top of this section will tell you what caused the program to crash.

  • If you see "NVOPENGL" or "nvoglnt" somewhere in the list (as in the example above) then your Nvidia driver caused the crash.
  • If you see "ATIOGLXX" somewhere in the list then your ATI driver caused the crash.
  • If you see "INTEL" somewhere in the list then your Intel driver caused the crash.

If your crash doesn't contain one of the names above, then the crash is likely caused by a bug in StepMania.

Example of a crash caused by a bug in StepMania:

 0046a9fa: class std::vector<class Song *> GetFilteredBestSongs(enum StepsType)
 0046c1de: void Course::GetTrailUnsorted()const 
 004c2cb0: void std::_Uninit_fill_n(class std::allocator<struct XAttr *> &)
 77f59037: ntdll!RtlFreeHeap [77f50000+8a3e+5f9]
 7c00118f: MSVCR70!free [7c000000+1156+39]

Please submit a bug report.

Notes for Linux/Unix/FreeBSD users

In order to run SM properly, you MUST install the accelerated, often "Proprietary" or "Restricted", graphics drivers for your card.

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