Assigning drive letters to USB ports in Windows

This information applied specifically to StepMania version 3.9.

This tutorial originally posted by MdX MaxX in this thread


StepMania 3.9+ has Custom Song/Profile Mem Card Support! But the only problem is that if you only plug in one card, it will automatically go to Player 1. Therefore, to get a card in the Player 2 slot, you have to plug in two cards and plug in P2's card second. Here's how to fix that problem:

  1. Download USBDLM
  2. Unzip it to C:\Program Files
  3. Open up the Program Folder and click the file named "_install"
  4. Now you have to find out what your USB port names are. Plug a flash drive or other USB device into one USB port, then click on "ListUsbDevices" in the program folder. In the window, go to the line that says "USB Port Name = #-#" and that is your USB port number. Do this for the other USB port, too.
  5. Go into USBDLM.ini and type these lines:


Of course, you would replace my USB port numbers (1-5 and 1-6) with your numbers. And you don't have to use Y and Z, you can use any two letters. Save the ini file.

After all that, find Preferences.ini/StepMania.ini. Find these lines and fill in your drive letters:


Save the ini.

And now you're set! Now when you plug a flash drive into one USB port, it will be P1, and when you plug it into the other, it will be P2! No matter who inserts theirs first or second!

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