Convert MP3s to OGG



Take all of your StepMania songs that use MP3 music files and convert the MP3s to OGGs.


StepMania can read both OGG and MP3 music files. In The Groove however can read only OGG music files. Converting your MP3s to OGGs will allow both programs to read your StepMania songs.


Download and Install "MP3 2 OGG Lab"

  • Download the freeware program MP3 2 OGG Lab.
  • Double-click the installer and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Use MP3 2 OGG Lab to create OGG files

Launch MP3 2 OGG Lab.

Click the Batch button in the toolbar.

Click Browse... and choose your StepMania Songs folder (usually "C:\Program Files\StepMania\Songs") and click OK.

Click Start. The program will scan for all MP3 files in your Songs folder and create list of files to convert.

Click the Convert button in the toolbar, then click the Start button.

Delete the MP3 files

The MP3 files need to be moved out of or deleted from the song folders. If you have OGG and MP3 files with the same file name in your song folders, In The Groove will get confused.

If you don't play your StepMania music through a jukebox program though, you should delete the old MP3 files now that you have OGG files to replace them.

Browse through My Computer to your StepMania Songs folder (usually "C:\Program Files\StepMania\Songs"). Press Ctrl+F to open the Find pane, and search for "mp3". Select all of the mp3 files in the search results, then press the Delete key.


Download and Install "mp32ogg"

  • use your package manager to install mp32ogg

Ubuntu (or Debian based): sudo apt-get install mp32ogg

Use MP3 2 OGG to convert files

  • open up the terminal (Terminal, xterm, konsole, etc)
  • type: mp32ogg --delete
  • type the location of your stepmania folder
  • hit enter

Reload Songs

Regardless of operating system, if you have "FastLoad" enabled in StepMania (it's the default setting), then you'll need to reload all of your songs. This allows StepMania to see the new OGG files.

  • Launch StepMania
  • Choose Options -> Reload Songs/Courses


ITG2 r21 cabinets (not r23) will accept songs longer than 2 minutes if the metadata is patched.

itgoggpatch is an open-source tool that can batch patch all songs longer than 2 minutes in your songs directory.

It's available for both Windows and Linux.

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