Creating a NoteSkin

Note skins allow you to customize the way notes appear. Note skins must reside in the folder "NoteSkins\<Game Name>\<Note Skin Name>". Note skins are specific to a particular game (dance, pump, etc). In the note skin folder, you must implement the folling files for each note:

<NoteName> receptor (NxN).png
<NoteName> tap note (NxN).png
<NoteName> tap mine (NxN).png
<NoteName> tap explosion bright.png
<NoteName> tap explosion dim.png
<NoteName> tap explosion bright HitMine (NxN).png
<NoteName> tap explosion dim HitMine (NxN).png
<NoteName> hold explosion.png
<NoteName> down hold topcap active.png
<NoteName> down hold topcap inactive.png
<NoteName> down hold head active.png
<NoteName> down hold head inactive.png
<NoteName> down hold body active.png
<NoteName> down hold body inactive.png
<NoteName> down hold tail active.png
<NoteName> down hold tail inactive.png
<NoteName> down hold bottomcap active.png
<NoteName> down hold bottomcap inactive.png
<NoteName> tap.colors

"<NoteName>" must be the name of the note (e.g. "left", "upright", "snare"). Look at the example note skins included with StepMania for a complete list for each game.

Most of the note skin elements can use any number of frames. For example, the element "tap exposion bright" could have 4 frames (2x2), 2 frames (1x2), or just a single frame. The exception to this rule is "receptor", which must have 3 frames.

For more information on about textures with multiple frames, see the section "How StepMania Loads Images" in this document.

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