Creating an Announcer

Announcers folders must reside in the "Announcers" folder inside the StepMania program directory (e.g. "Announcers\James Earl Jones\"). An announcer folder contains several more folders - one for each announcer "trigger". Add as many .WAV, .MP3, or .OGG sounds as you want to the trigger folder. When StepMania wants to play a sound for that trigger, it will play a random sound file from your trigger folder.

Sound files in a trigger folder can have any name you want. It's recommended that you name the sound files according to what is being said (e.g. "everybodys waiting for you.mp3"). If there are 0 sound files in a trigger folder, or the trigger folder is missing, then no sound will be played for that trigger.

For a complete list of announcer trigger names, see the example announcer packs that are available at

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