Custom Songs with In The Groove 2 Arcade


In The Groove 2 arcade can play StepMania songs from your USB memory card.


  • In The Groove 2 arcade with r21 or newer
  • Custom Songs option set to On, or else custom songs will not be loaded from player USB memory cards

You will recognize if Custom Songs is set to On by looking at the bottom of the title screen.

Song Requirements

  • The music file for the song must be in .ogg format (not .mp3)
  • Ogg music files must be less than 5 MB in size
  • If the version you play on is r21: Ogg music files must be less than 120 seconds in length. Otherwise, they will be rejected when the song is selected.
  • If the version you play on is r23 or newer: All Custom Songs will end at 120 seconds, even if the music runs for longer. This prevents players from playing for longer than 120 seconds when using .ogg music with inaccurate metadata length values.
  • There is a maximum of 50 custom songs that can be on one drive. However, there is a time limit for reading song data from your USB drive. If you have 50 songs or less on your USB memory card but only a portion of them are being loaded, then it's likely that your data is taking too long to load. Consider removing some songs or experimenting with a faster-performing USB drive.
  • See Convert_MP3s_to_OGG for batch converting your MP3 files to OGG (may still need to manually edit your .sm files' #MUSIC sections!!)

Copying Songs Onto Your USB Memory Card

  • Place StepMania format song folders inside of G:\In The Groove 2\Songs\ (where G: is the drive letter of your USB drive)

Putting your songs in a group folder is optional, otherwise they should be put in a group folder of the name of the drive.

Playing Your Songs

  • Insert your USB memory card and start a new game (If you start the game before inserting the USB memory card, identification check will be too late and songs will not be loaded)
  • Your custom songs will appear in the song group Player 1's Songs or Player 2's Songs depending which slot you insterted the USB memory card in, and if you have a profile in it. If your profile data is located, the group name will be renamed to [Player 1's name]'s Songs or [Player 2's name]'s Songs.

Other Things

  • If you have In The Groove PC: A StepMania simfile that is charted with In The Groove PC background movies will be accepted for In The Groove 2 Arcade. Other graphics are restricted. NOTE: This only works with r21. r23 will NOT load any background scripts.

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