Developer Profiles

StepMania is a group of computer programmers and artists scattered around the globe.

Active Developers: Please keep your information in this table up to date.

In order of last name...

Name (Alias) Location Occupation Fave Music Games Hobbies Hangouts Project Role Spoken Languages
Dan Colardeau (dieKatze88) Madison, NJ, USA Student, Computer Programmer, Food service DMX Music Games, 3d Shooters, Anime, Networking Mennen Arena in Morristown Manages build bot English
Chris Danford (ChrisDanford) San Francisco, CA, USA Computer Programmer DDR, PPP Basketball, Tennis, Rollerblading Illusionz, Sunset Bowl, Seattle Center Programmer, Project Admin English
Jason Felds (wolfman2000) Wilmington, NC, USA Recent Masters Graduate PIU, ITG Watching Let's Plays Home, coffee shops Programmer, Hodge Podge English
Colby Klein (shakesoda, holo) Seattle, WA, USA Underemployed Computer Programmer PIU, DJ Hero Anime, Graphics Programming, 3D Modeling, Procrastination Home, various bus routes Programmer, StepMania 5 Project Lead English
Jonathan Payne (Midiman, potentj, phosphorusgl) Granada Hills, CA, USA Student In The Groove Computer Programming, Game Development, Graphic Design, Music Production, Gaming, Anime, Cartoons, Bad Movies! Family Fun Arcade in California Graphic Design, Programming English
Devin J. Pohly (djpohly) State College, PA, USA Student dance, beat, pump Contra dance, music, hacking, stargazing, Linux...-ing? Local cab, Harrisburg Family Fun Center Any coding not involving Windows English

Inactive Developers: Move yourself back to the other table if you're in the wrong one (sorry!)

Name (Alias) Location Occupation Fave Music Games Hobbies Hangouts Project Role Spoken Languages
Josh Allen (axlecrusher) Maryland, USA Student, Lifeguard, Freelance Programmer ITG, DDR Video games, listening to music, sleeping Home, College, Adventure Park Contributor English
Ben Anderson (roothorick) Menasha, WI, USA Computer Programmer (currently unemployed) IIDX Network administration, drawing, vector art, music production Springz Family Entertainment Center Multiple, mainly organization and code cleanup English
Sean Burke (skburke) Missoula, MT, USA Unemployed code monkey BM, IIDX Coding, reading, writing My secret lair Programmer, Project Admin, Linux slave English
Mike Calfin (mDaWg) West Deptford, NJ, USA Student DJ Hero (World's #1) Theme developing, playing games, computers, hanging out with friends, girlfriend, etc. My house, Ed's Funcade in Wildwood NJ, Stockton College Theme Code/Graphics manipulation English
Steve Checkoway San Diego, CA, USA Computer Programmer, Graduate Student IGT, DDR, PnM Kendo, Iaido My office, sadly Programmer, Project Admin English and BAD English
Eric Gustafson (Subwire) La CaƱada, CA, USA Student DDR Building computers, playing Bemani Wire Network World Headquarters (my room) Docs Writer English
Eric Holniker (darkchao56) Westminster, MD, USA Student ITG, DDR, IIDX, GH Working on various themes/stepfiles Home, Mark's House, Players Family Amusment Center Theme Code/Graphics manipulation, Other English
AJ Kelly (freem, AJ 187, aj187) Chicago, IL, USA Unemployed code monkey Amplitude, Rez StepMania theming, programming, hacking N64 games Home Former StepMania 5 Project Lead English
Renaud Lepage (cybik) Repentigny, QC, CAN Computer Programmer DDR Crashing my linux System Anywhere that's not my folks' place Occasional contributor, Xbox Platform Code & Debug. English and French
Mark Lippy (markj1122) Westminster, MD, USA Student ITG, DDR ITG, 3D Animation Home, Darkchao's House, Players Family Amusment Center Theme/Graphics manipulation, Other English
Glenn Maynard (GlennMaynard) Boston, MA, USA Computer Programmer IIDX anime   Programmer, Project Admin English
William Reading College Station, TX, USA Computer Programmer DDR Photography, ???, sleep Texas A&M student center, the Seattle area. List lurking, occasional contributor English
Thad Ward (Coderjoe) Grand Rapids, MI, USA Computer Programmer DDR, ITG, PIU, GH Digital Video, anime, game programming Zap Zone, Westgate Bowl, Craig's Cruisers (GR Location) Occasional contributor, Programmer English
Sebastian (Takuya20, TakuyaMAXX) Santiago, Chile Student DDR DDR Games, StepMania, MAME and other emus Home, University or DDRManiaX forum Theme Code/Graphics manipulation. Spanish, English, Chinese

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