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StepMania 5

StepMania 5 uses Mercurial for source code management.

Install Mercurial

You can obtain Mercurial from its home page.

Checkout instructions


If you have access to the TortoiseHG GUI program, perform a clone with the address

Command line/Terminal

Make a directory for the source code and run this command:

hg clone

Browse the repository

The repository can be browsed at

Update instructions

On the command line, run hg pull -u to obtain the latest changes. TortoiseHG should have a "Pull" option that will do the same thing.

How to get Mercurial commit access

  1. Create a useful change (e.g. bugfix, localization/translation).
  2. Create a Google account/log in to Google.
  3. Visit #sm-ssc on (Mibbit link) and ask for commit access, referencing what you've done.

Previous versions

Versions before StepMania 5 senetico used Subversion to manage the source code.

Install Subversion

As of some version of OS X (probably Tiger), svn is already installed if you install the dev tools. If it isn't, we recommend installing macports dieta na mase and then running: sudo port install svn

Checkout Instructions

run the command:

svn co

Browse the repository

How to get a username/password for SVN commit access

You shouldn't need SVN commit access these days, but in case you do:

  • You only need to ask for commit access once you have a change to commit.
  • Please email the Developers mailing list about your change before requesting commit access.

To request commit access, email with your SF username, and I'll reply with a randomly-generated password. To keep things managable, your svn username will match your Sourceforge username.

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