Download and Install Songs

Download and Install Songs Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to find, download, and install songs for StepMania.


Find and download songs

Versions of StepMania before StepMania 5 do not come with songs. You must download songs separately. You can find song songs and links to song sites on the StepMania Songs page.

StepMania 5 includes two sample songs.

File types



  • .smzip file

If your download has a little "compressed arrow" icon, then it's a .smzip file. You will only see the compressed arrow icon for .smzip files if StepMania is installed.

  1. Double-click the package file. This will bring up a confirmation screen showing you the contents of the package (also giving you a chance to cancel).
  2. Click the Finish button. The package installer will begin copying the files to your StepMania directory. It's that easy. :)
  3. After the files have been installed, you will see the Package Exporter window. This window is not important to the process of installing a package. Click the Close button to dismiss this window.

  • .zip file

1) Open the zip file you downloaded with your favourite zip program. Inside the zip you will see several files (depending on your zip program, you may need to double-click on the folders contained in the zip before you will see the files). The files should look something like this image. 2) Open the StepMania Songs folder. The easiest way to do this is to go to the StepMania category in the Start Menu and click on "Open StepMania Program Folder", then double-click "Songs". Alternatively, you may browse to the StepMania install directory (default: C:\Program Files\StepMania\) and double-click on the Songs folder.

3) Inside the Songs folder, you will see the file "instructions.txt" and possibly several Group Folders if you have already installed some songs. If you don't have any Group Folders, you'll need to create a new Group Folder to hold your new song. Right-click somewhere in this directory and choose New -> Folder. Give the folder a name that corresponds to the genre of the song (for example, "Tournamix", or "BeMaNiRuler Originals"). 4) Double-click the group folder you just created to open it. 5) Inside this Group Folder, you'll need to create a new Song Folder to hold all the files for your new song. Right-click, chose New -> Folder, and name it the title of the song (e.g. "Operator"). 6) Now extract all the files contained in the zip into this new Song Folder. This can be done in most zip programs by simply dragging and dropping the files. 7) If the music file (mp3, wav, ogg) was separate from the zip, then you'll need to copy the music file into the new Song Folder as well.

- C:
|- Program Files
 |- StepMania (program folder)
  |- Songs
   |- Group folder A
    |- Song folder A1
    |- Song folder A2
   |- Group folder B
    |- Song folder B1
    |- Song folder B2

Mac OS X

When you download a .smzip file in Safari, it will be extracted to the Desktop automatically when the transfer is finished.

  • Open finder then click the folder stepmania.
  • Open the Songs directory
  • Inside of "Songs" is the "song group directory".
  • Open the Applications directory -> StepMania directory -> Songs directory.
  • From the download window, drag the "song group directory" into the StepMania Songs directory.
  • Launch StepMania so see your newly installed song.


After downloading the .smzip or .zip file, extract the file to your stepmania folder (the top folder with the stepmania executable).

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