Export and Share a Song


  1. Launch StepMania Tools
  2. From the StepMania Tools main menu, choose "Export Packages".
  3. Use the "+" buttons to expand the "Songs" section.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the songs that you wish to export.
  5. Click the "Export as One" button on the right side. The .smzip file containing your song will now be on the Desktop. You can share this with friends.

<SmScreen argument="Docs/smtools_export.jpg"/>


Create a .zip archive with Keka (Latest Version).

And upload to SM SHARE.


[Packages] C:\Program Files\StepMania\Songs\My Songs\FF7 Numpackages=1


Then include the folders listed after 0= in that order.
Then rename the file extension .smzip. (This has only been tested on single songs.)

Yeah, um, that's great, but how do I put it on the site exactly? thanks. ya it dosent say anything

Tenashko: Click on User songs to the left of the site. Just below "Download User Songs" it should have "Upload a song using StepMania Share", click on it. If it is your first time, you will have to register there. When logged in, click on the "Browse..." button and select the song (unless you moved it, it will be under "Desktop"). Place comments if you want to (possibly about the song). Then, (if it complies with the Terms of Service) click the "Upload file" button. After a couple minutes, it should say "Post successful! View your message: <song title>" and all of the details below. Congratulations, your song is on the website! Click on the linked title of your song to visit the Forum page. Your song will be in "User Songs" and will be in the News the next day.

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