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I can't select the "versus" style (Premium Off and Double Premium only)

  • If you're using 2 dance pads, make sure they're both connected and mapped correctly.
  • Now that both pads are mapped, go to the title screen and choose GAME START using Start on Player 1's pad.
  • Next, press Start on Player 2's pad. You should hear a sound when you press the button indicating that Player 2 has joined.
  • Now that 2 players are joined, the "Select a Style" screen will show an enabled "Versus" option.

I've plugged in my dance pad, but it's not working

Be sure that you've mapped the pad buttons to functions in StepMania. Instructions are here: Configure Keyboard and Dance Pads

How can I import an mp3 file into StepMania?

There are tutorials on our Create and Share page.

I set the Coin Mode to PAY and now I cannot get back into the Options menu to change it back.

Press F3 during the attract screens to change the Coin Mode back to Home.

Additionally, you can get directly to the options menu again at any time by hitting the scroll lock key. This is the "operator button" with the default keyboard mappings.

When playing with a dance pad, the game doesn't register presses of Left and Right simultaneously or Up and Down simultaneously.

Joystick Axes Problem

When I launch StepMania, my monitor is blank, says "please check pc display settings", or says "Out Of Frequency Range"

Your video card is trying to use a refresh rate that your monitor doesn't support. This means that your monitor is not correctly configured in Windows.

  • open Control Panel -> Display -> Settings -> Advanced... -> Monitor tab
  • make sure that your monitor settings are correct

If that doesn't work, you can set StepMania to use 60Hz, which your monitor will be able to use.

  • launch the game, wait for the screen to go black
  • press Alt+Enter to make the game go windowed
  • go to Options -> Graphic Options
  • change Refresh Rate to 60
  • choose Exit at the bottom
  • press Alt+Enter again to make the game go full screen again

The versus, double (unless set to double premium), and couple styles aren't selectable. I see them, but I can only choose single or couple.

Press Start on the 2nd pad, then you'll be able to select styles that require both sides to be joined.

StepMania skips a lot when I play. How do I fix this?

Here are some things to try:

* Close all open programs. If you have icons in the system tray, then something is still running. You can find more information about this on our Background Applications page.
* Experiment with different settings in the Change Settings section of the StepMania Tools. In particular, turn Logging off, use Direct3D, and try the Null sound API.

StepMania recognizes keypresses with significant delay How do I fix this?

* Try going to Graphic Options and changing the value of VSync (usually to off). Check your graphics adapter settings if it does not force vsync (vertical sync) on or off (for example for ATI cards on Windows check Control Panel -> Display -> Settings -> Advanced -> 3D).

How do I edit songs in StepMania?

StepMania Tools will allow you to import an MP3 music file into stepmania.
StepMania has a built-in steps editor. Choose "Edit/Sync Songs" from the StepMania main menu. Check out some Useful Keys in the steps editor.

How do I hide the "AutoPlay" text?

In StepMania 3.9:

  • Open Themes\default\metrics.ini.
  • Search for the line "AutoPlayY=360".
  • Change this line to "AutoPlayY=1000".

Now the AutoPlay message will be all of the way off the screen.

Who is the girl that pops out and says "toasty"?


This is an easter egg and is an homage to Toasty. The girl is "Charmy" from the DDR series. If you find it annoying, you can disable it by either of the following methods:

A) Manually edit the configuration file:
* open the StepMania program folder
* open "Data\StepMania.ini" in SM 3.9 OR "saves\preferences.ini" for SM 4.0
(to get at preferences in 4.0, open SMtools and select "open preferences")
* change "EasterEggs=1" to read "EasterEggs=0"
B) use the option menus:
* in SM 3.9 and 4.0, go to options and select other options.
(if you cannot see the options menu, you may be in the "pay" mode. press the operator key (scroll lock) to go to the options menu)
* in that menu, there should be a setting to enable or disable Easter Eggs. turn them off.

Or replace these by Supernova1-2/X1-3/2013 toasties pack in many forums (W/O sounds).

Is there a way I can make StepMania load songs from another drive on my computer (somewhere other than the StepMania program folder)?

Yes. Edit Data/StepMania.ini and change the line "AdditionalSongFolders=" to be "AdditionalSongFolders=d:\" where "d:\" is the path to your song directory on another drive.

My USB adapter is not working

Try following this troubleshooting diagram.

The game image is small and in the middle of the screen

This is a setting that's different for every notebook.

In Options->Graphic Options, the game is set to "full screen", right? If so, you'll need to change the full screen stretch setting. This setting is different for every notebook computer.

First, check to see if there's a function key on your notebook that makes the image stretch to fill the entire screen.

Windows only: If there's not a function key, there will be a setting in Control Panel -> Display -> Settings -> Advanced.

The game won't register more than 2 keyboard keys simultaneously

This is a hardware limitation of many keyboards. Certain combinations of keys cannot be pressed simultaneously. You may be able to work around this problem by remapping your keys to avoid combinations that don't register.

Some models of USB keyboards do not have limitations on which keys can register simultaneously.

The only sure workaround is to use a USB gamepad or a PlayStation->USB converter.

I made a mistake mapping my keys and unmapped Enter or Escape

You can clear all keymappings by deleting the file "C:\Program Files\StepMania\Data\Keymaps.ini" (StepMania 3.9) or "My Documents\Save\Keymaps.ini" (StepMania 4.0).

How do I connect StepMania to an arcade machine?

This is not an easy thing go do. For input, many people have used a JPAC (http://www.ultimarc.com/jpac.html). This is the only pre-built solution that we are aware of.

For video, unless you have experience setting up custom video modes in Linux, it's probably easier to go with Windows and an ArcadeVGA card (http://www.ultimarc.com/avgainf.html). This card will run at video modes that an be used by an arcade monitor.

How do I delete a song?

  • Open the folder: %ProgramFiles%\StepMania\Songs (Windows) or /Applications/StepMania (Mac OS)
  • Find the song folder for the song you want to delete (it should be somewhere inside of "Songs")
  • Delete that song folder.

I get the "error opening file Cache/Songs/3403264335: No such file or directory." when trying to play a song.

Clear your StepMania cache.

for Windows OS:

  • if using 3.9, then delete the "cache" folder in your SM program folder
  • if using 4.0, then open the "StepMania CVS" folder in My Documents and delete the "Cache" folder in there

for Mac OS:

  • If using 3.9, then delete the folder: /Applications/StepMania/Cache
  • If using 4.0, then delete the folder: {HOME]/Library/Caches/StepMania

I used to play in SM 3.9, but when I passed to SM 4.0, I found out there is no difficulty selection menu, and I'm stuck in Beginner! What do I do?

About the difficulty screen, the game designers just wiped it out. Since the game now saves your current difficulty selection (and the game makers only use Hard and Expert modes, though) there's no need for that screen. How to change difficulty then? Two ways:

  • In the song selection screen, press Up twice quickly to lower difficulty, Down twice quickly to raise it (it should appear in the lower part of the screen, unless you select your song too fast). Why "twice quickly", you say? Because
    • a. we use the key bindings of DDR,
    • b. there are other key bindings that use the up/down arrows (like sorting), and
    • c. if you can't press a button "twice quickly", you probably shouldn't play beyond Beginner anyway...
  • Just after you select a song, and just before playing it, a brief message appears. Press Start just then, and you will be sent to an options screen. You can select your difficulty, character, song speed and many other options there.

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