GameCube to USB Adapters

GameCube to USB Adapter Compatibility

GameCube dance pads are uncommon, and GameCube to USB adapters are also uncommon.

Some users report that this works with StepMania

Some users report that this doesn't work with StepMania

No information or incomplete information about StepMania compatibility

Gamecube to USB

Wasaki Gamecube to USB adaptor

Manufacturer: ???
Comments: Can't handle simultaneous presses of Left+Right or Up+Down. Joystick Axes Problem
Comments: This adapter doesn't have the Joystick Axes Problem when used with the Windows driver for the Super Joy Box 13.

Super Joy Box 13

Manufacturer: MayFlash
Comments: The Mad Catz Beat Pad (bundled with MC Groovz Dance Craze) works perfectly when the driver is set to ANALOG MODE.

The Mario DDR pad doesn't seem to work well at all; when in analog mode it won't recognize simultaneous presses of Up+Down or Left+Right and when you hold start for three seconds to it set to digital mode, the the controller automatically gets stuck to the bottom-left corner with seemingly no way out.

The Mario DDR pad works perfect for me, I am using a older driver which has a bunch more really nice features. I never got the new driver to work right.

The Mario DDR pad works perfect for me as well using Ubuntu Linux. The trick is, you have to hold Start down for 3 seconds, this puts the mat in "digital mode". Hold start down for 3 seconds again and this will put the mat into "button mode"! Using button mode, it is easy to configure this mat in Step Mania.

3 in 1 Magic Joy Box, Xbox, PS2, and GC adapter

Manufacturer: MayFlash
User Comments: Works perfectly under Windows XP w/ SP2, with a gamecube Mario DDR pad, once you have the drivers installed and you hold start down for 3 to 5 seconds to switch from digital to analog mode. Set it up in the options menu using the dance pad and you are good to go.
User Comment: Works perfectly with DDR: Mario Mix controller and DDR: Hottest Party controller (Wii). You have to change the mode of the pad by holding start for 3 to 5 seconds by doing this the pad will recognize the arrows as normal buttons (You need this when you want to step in 2 arrows at the same time). It works perfectly on Windows XP with SP2 and Windows Vista.
User Comment: Doesn't work with Blueshark Deluxe Pad for Wii/GC. Other controllers work with this same adapter - just not this particular dance pad.

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