Hook up to a TV

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Hooking up the video

You'll need one of these;


S-Video: Cons: Easy to damage pins (if you like moving around cables). Pros: Highest Quality Video.

Composite: Cons:Fair quality, but not all good for reading small text, good for playing SM. Pros:Is cheaper than other cables.

Remember that some older TV's don't have inputs,so be aware that you may not be able to play stepmania on your television, unless you buy a RF Modulator.

DanceDanceOwch Recommends The RadioShack (Or Similar) RF-007


These are the cheapest and best for Smaller TV's, it may be too blurry for over 20"

Hookup up the audio

Headphone to RCA adapter


These are better than external speakers, and not all TV's have Mini-TRS in (fancy word for headphone jack).

_________________________________________________ Also, if you have a plasma screen, or a HD (High Definition) screen, you may be able to connect it to your computer.

First, check if both, your COMPUTER AND CPU have an outlet to

After that, plug your tv and your cpu. THIS



Then, put you plasma/HD in VGA mode. Turn on computer.

Enjoy ^^

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