How StepMania Loads 3D Models

StepMania loads models in the MilkShape 3D ASCII format. The file extension is .txt.

  • MilkShape 3D can be downloaded here.
  • Source code examples of how to load a Milkshape 3D file can be found here.

The format supports:

  • multiple meshes comprising a model
  • vertex normals
  • bone structures
  • texture mapping
  • materials per mesh
  • keyframe animation

Converting models to MilkShape 3D ASCII

  • From 3DS MAX, Maya, or your favorite modeling package, export your model as a .3DS file.
  • Open MilkShape 3D
  • Import the .3DS file.
  • Export as Milkshape 3D ASCII.

Note: The 3DS format doesn't support textures with file names other than 8.3. If you textures have long file names, you'll need to fix the references from within MilkShape or edit the .txt file after you export.

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