How to connect Xbox Pads

by Greg Almond

I heard that there were some issues with using an XBOX Dance Pad with StepMania, i found that after i conducted these instructions it worked Perfectly. If you find anything vague, or have any questions. Please Feel Free to E-mail me, i wish to help anyone who uses this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING dance game I thank you all so much for making it, and wish to only add to its sweetness.



To have an XBOX DDR pad work well with Stepmania Max


Xbox DDR Pad

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XBCD Program

XBCD DDR Pad Drivers

Xbox Controller to PC Adapter

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1. Build an XBOX to PC Controller Cable (Which is what i did, Simple, pretty close to free.)

[NinjaBear's edit: FYI, it is also possible to make the cable in a three-way fashion, i.e. XBOX+USB+pad. This way you can use the pad for both the computer and the XBOX. I'm not sure if you can attach it to both the XBOX and a computer at the same time and I don't advise it.]


Buy an adapter


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2. Download and Install the Latest versions of XBCD

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3. Extract the to c:/windows/system32/drivers

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4. Plug in Your adapter and Dancepad to PC

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5. Hopefully you computer will Plug n Play your dance pad in.

6. Open Up XBCD Setup Utility which installed to your program menu.

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7. Make sure your dance pad is viewed by the Setup

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In the D-pad Area Click on the box above the direction

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I set mine up like this

  • Up = Button 1
  • Down = Button 2
  • Left = Button 3
  • Right = Button 4

What you have just done was to change the arrows from being on Direction Axies, it changes them to just normal buttons. Two, Three, four or more buttons can be pressed at once.

It effectively fixes the simutaneous button pressing problem. That was the main issue I found while trying to get this XBox pad to work with Stepmania.

  • Save your Settings

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2. If the dance pad does not work, then you need to load the module (the xbox dance pad driver is built into linux). load up any terminal such as konsole or xterm and type sudo modprobe xpad

3. To make it load every time your computer starts type sudo nano /etc/modules or replace nano with your favorite text editor, and add another line to the file that says xpad.

4. Reboot and test.


Then open up Stepmania, and go into the “Config Key” Area (Options -> Config Key/Joy Mappings), and set up your buttons Normally.

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