Load StepMania songs in In The Groove



Support for loading StepMania songs in ITG

ITG for PC/Mac has an unsupported and undocumented feature that allows you to play songs from StepMania. It will load any song that's supported by StepMania, but with the following restrictions:

  • ITG will only load songs with music files in OGG format. For licensing reasons, ITG cannot play MP3 music. You can use a batch converting utility like OggDropXP to convert your MP3 files to OGG.
  • ITG will not load any song directories with "In The Groove" in the song folder name. This is because the scores of your added songs would conflict with the scores of the built-in songs.

Configure ITG PC/Mac to load your StepMania songs

  • Open the file ITG configuration file Preferences.ini in a text editor.
    • Windows: My Documents\In The Groove\Save\Preferences.ini
    • Mac OS: ~/Library/Preferences/In The Groove/Preferences.ini
  • Find the line AdditionalSongFolders=
  • Add the path to your StepMania Songs folder to the end of this line. For example:
    • Windows: AdditionalSongFolders=C:\Program Files\StepMania\Songs
    • Mac OS: AdditionalSongFolders=/Applications/StepMania/Songs and Set FastLoadAdditionalSongs=1 to 0 if you got any problems

Now, when you launch In The Groove, you should see "XX additional" on the screen showing you how many of your StepMania songs have been loaded.

<SmScreen argument="Docs/load_songs_in_itg-1.jpg"/>

Play your StepMania songs in ITG

Go to the song selection screen. Your StepMania songs won't be showing yet.

<SmScreen argument="Docs/load_songs_in_itg-2.jpg"/>

Press Up, Down, Up, Down to enter the sort menu. Choose Group sort. Now you can scroll through and choose all of your StepMania songs.

<SmScreen argument="Docs/load_songs_in_itg-3.jpg"/>

<SmScreen argument="Docs/load_songs_in_itg-4.jpg"/>

<SmScreen argument="Docs/load_songs_in_itg-5.jpg"/>

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