Mounting a Soft Pad


Mounting a Soft Pad - by Alex Hueston


  • Wood Board that is 36"x40"
  • Staple Gun
  • Heavy Duty Staples
  • Clear Duct Tape
  • Clear Vinyl 8 ft.. x 23"
  • Hammer


  • Tape the entire perimeter of the Cyber Grove Pad to the center of the wood with the clear duct tape.
  • Cut the 8 ft. piece of Vinyl in half and tape the two 4 ft. pieces together length wise.
  • Place the vinyl with the smooth side face up on the floor, place the board face down centered on top of the vinyl.
  • Wrap one of either the left or right side over the bottom of the board staple the vinyl, using the staple gun.
  • Start in the center working outward staple until you have about 6" left on each end.
  • Use the hammer to make the staples flush with the board.

*This is the point of no return*

  • Pull the vinyl as taught as possible over on the other side and staple in the same fashion as the other side.
  • Staple the vinyl to the bottom of the board, trim the excess.
  • Flip the board over Cut out the USB interface so that the vinyl lays flat.
  • Finally, staple the remaining vinyl to the board, and now you have a pad that will last.


You'll want a board that is smooth or you can sand it yourself, I used Particle Board. Also Home Depot has a vinyl that lays flat and smooth which is important.

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