PlayStation Dance Pads

PlayStation Dance Pads

These dance pads have only a PlayStation connector and require a PlayStation to USB Adapters to function with StepMania.

Some users report that this works with StepMania

Some users report that this doesn't work with StepMania

No information or incomplete information about StepMania compatibility

Dance Pad Connector: USB PlayStation Xbox Gamecube/Wii Port Pump It Up Parallel

PlayStation Dance Pads

RedOctane In The Groove Official Dance Pad


Manufacturer: RedOctane
Buy: RedOctane | | Amazon

Foam insert dance pads (PlayStation)


Manufacturer: many
Comments: These controllers will function all all the PS->USB adapters above.
Buy: Lik Sang | | Amazon | Amazon (2) | Amazon (3)

Naki Wireless IR Dance Mat

Manufacturer: Naki
Comments: Works with Ps2 > USB converters although the response time isn't fast enough. Very difficult to get perfect or magnificient - lags about a quarter of a second, although this is significant enough to affect your game.
Buy: Amazon

Soft dance pads (PlayStation)

[ [ [

Manufacturer: Topway, Konami, Logic3, Blaze, Mad Catz, and others
Buy: Lik Sang FL-Games | | Amazon | Amazon (2) | Amazon (3) | Amazon (4)

Competition Pro Dance Mat (PlayStation)

Manufacturer: Powerplay Ltd.
User report: Purchased for only $12cdn and have excellent results with the May Flash Super Dual Box on my computer; with a PS1 controller as player 1 and the dance mat as player 2.
Buy: Toys R Us

Metal dance pads (PlayStation)

Manufacturer: RedOctane, Cobalt Flux, and others
Comments: Metal pads seem to have compatibility problems with some PS->USB adapters. The PS Joy Converter by Boom and the Super Dual Box are reported to be the most compatible with metal pads.
Buy: | Amazon | Amazon (2)

Mad Catz Beat Pad Pro (PlayStation and Xbox)

Manufacturer: Mad Catz
User report: This pad does not work with PS2->USB adapters but does work with XBox->USB adapters. This is an auto-sensing PSX/Xbox pad and it does not start in PSX mode as soon as it receives power. Most PS2 adapters do not initialize the pad in the same manner as a real PS2/PSX so the pad will not function.
User report: I can confirm that this pad does not work with PS2->USB adapters; all four LEDs light up and won't go out, pad is not recognized.

React Universal Dance Pad (PlayStation, Xbox & GameCube)

Manufacturer: [1]
User report: I'm a DDR newbie, but popped open the React box, plugged it in via an EMS Trio Linker Plus and easily got it configured in StepMania 3.9. Comes with padding inserts - not as firm as the RedOctane, but the price was about 1/2 the RedOctane pad.
Buy: Bought mine at BestBuy, plus a $9 2-yr replacement plan should anything go wrong with the pad through normal usage.

Beat Pad Universal

Manufacturer: Mad Catz
User report:
Buy: Amazon

Two Player Dancing mate

Comments: Require 2 adapter-ports! It's a normal softpad. Use ducktape to secure it.
Buy: Commonly sold in stores.

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