PlayStation to Parallel Adapters

PlayStation to Parallel Adapter Compatibility

PlayStation to Parallel adapters and Parallel Port Dance Pads and are not common these days. We don't recommend that you use them because it's very tricky to make them work.

Some users report that this works with StepMania

Some users report that this doesn't work with StepMania

No information or incomplete information about StepMania compatibility

General Info

  • All information comes from users and is not guaranteed to be accurate.
  • All adapters listed as "Compatible" will work with Windows XP, 2000, 98, MacOS X, and Linux.
  • Most USB adapters do not require a driver. A specific adapter probably does not require a driver unless it's mentioned in the comments for that adapter.
  • All USB adapters are compatible with regular PlayStation/Xbox gamepads.

PlayStation to Parallel

It is also possible to make a DIY Playstation to Parallel Adapter

Any DirectPad Pro-Compatible Adapter

PlayStation ports per adapter: 1 or 2
Manufacturer: Blaze, and others
Comments: These adapters require a special driver. For Windows 98 and Windows Me users, the recommended driver is DirectPad Pro 5.0 for Win9x. For Windows 2000 and Windows XP, the recommended drivers are NTPAD and PSXPAD. One user reports that PSXPAD works better than NTPAD. For the latest versions of these drivers, visit Aldo's Tools. Has very little/no lag and no joystick axis problems.
Linux Support: requires at least kernel 2.6.11 (successfully tested on Ubuntu Dapper with one connected pad)
Simply make sure the following two modules are loaded (run these commands as root or using sudo):

  1. modprobe joydev
  2. modprobe gamecon map=0,8

Replace 0 with the parallel port number, 8 means "PSX DDR Controller" to the driver.
If this did not work, make sure that the "lp" module is not loaded, as it takes over the parallel port and prevents gamecon from working:

  1. rmmod lp

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