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How to use a webcam + screen recorder to get dual-screen footage

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First of all, the tools you will need:

  • Sony Vegas 6+ Video Editor (not free)
  • A YouTube account
  • Finally, a Webcam.

SAP Indonesia (this guide took a little while to perfect and create, but once you get the knack of it it's easy!)

  • Step 1. Install all the programs above.
  • Step 2. Set up your Webcam to point at your dance mat or fingers
  • Step 3. Open Stepmania in windowed mode. (this is because running Camstudio in fullscreen capture caused huge FPS drops for me)
  • Step 4. In Camstudio, Go to Region -> Fixed Region and press 'Select'. Drag this to your SM window size.
  • Step 5. In Youtube, Goto Upload video (the button) and use Direct Cam Upload. Enter in all the details.
  • Step 6. Press 'Record' on the Direct Cam Upload. (Iklan Baris Gratis)
  • Step 7. Goto Camstudio and press the record button.
  • Step 8. Go back to StepMania and play whatever song you want.
  • Step 9. When you're finished, stop the recording on Camstudio (You'll be asked to save - do it) and Youtube (which will make a video on youtube of just your fingers/pad).
  • Step 10. When the video is finished processing, go to your YouTube link and copy the URL. (Aksesoris mobil)
  • Step 11. Open Youtube Downloader, set it to download a video from YouTube and it should save a .flv file.
  • Step 12. Open the FLV to MPG converter, drag and drop the FLV file into the list. Press the 'MPG' button at the bottom left.
  • Step 13. Goto File -> Convert Checked Videos. (Rumah Dijual)
  • Step 14. Once done, open Sony Vegas. Open both of the video files on different video tracks with the pad video on top and the actual SM footage below.
  • Step 14. Press this button on the pad/kb video
  • Step 15. Zoom out using the mouse wheel downwards, and drag the bottom of the F outwards and position until it looks good:
  • Step 16. Sync the two videos together (this can be a tricky process)
  • Step 16a. To sync effeciently try and find the very first note on the SM video in Vegas, then move the pad/kb video so as soon as the first note comes into the receptor the pad video is synced perfectly.
  • Step 17. (optional) Add the audio to the video if CamStudio didn't record it - open the audio file from your Stepmania/Songs directory in vegas and sync accordingly.
  • Step 18. Goto File -> Render as and follow the steps in this picture in order of number

(if you don't see XviD Mpeg-4 encoder, download the

  • Step 18a. Press OK to everything then press Save in the first window.
  • Step 19. Your video will be rendering - leave it until it is finished and it will create a .avi file.
  • Step 20. Upload this avi file to YouTube! You are now done!

you can now delete the old video you used to capture the video from the webcam - if you don't know how, see here:

Hopefully if all went well the end result will be something like this:

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