Reporting Bugs

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  • Please follow the user support instructions before filing a bug to ensure that only valid bugs make it into the bug database.
  • If a StepMania developer confirms that your problem is a bug in the program, please file a report in our bug tracking system.

Filing a bug

Please enter only bug per submission. If you enter multiple bugs into the same bug report, they may be missed.

Priority is for developer use only. Please do not mark your report as Immediate or Urgent.

In your bug report, please attach the following files:

  • crashinfo.txt (if your problem resulted in the crash window showing)
  • log.txt
  • info.txt

The location of these files depends on your operating system. (unless using Portable.ini). For StepMania 5, these locations are:

  • Windows: %APPDATA%/StepMania 5/Logs/ for log.txt and info.txt; install directory for crashinfo.txt
  • OS X: all files are in ~/Library/Logs/StepMania 5/
  • Linux: ~/.stepmania-5.0/Logs/ for log.txt and info.txt; crashinfo at /tmp/crashinfo.txt.

Also, if your problem is specific to a certain song, please include a link to the song's step file (e.g. .dwi, .sm, .ssc, .bms, .ksf etc.).

StepMania 5

Bugs in StepMania 5 should be reported at this bug tracker. Reports at the SourceForge tracker will not be noticed by the developers.

Older Versions

Do not file bugs for any version below StepMania 3.9. These older releases are no longer being developed.

The previous bug tracking system holds a list of bugs for the older versions. Do not report bugs for StepMania 5 here, because they will not be seen by the developers.

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