Song Lyrics - LRC Format

There is some information about the LRC file format here:

Example LRC file

[00:05.548]mugen no hikari ...
[00:21.016]taeran ninmu
[00:23.764]surechigau sadame
[00:28.374]rakuen no atochi
[00:32.291]kanashimi no melody
[00:35.226]nami yomu tobi
[00:37.482]sokoni saiteta
[00:40.275]chiisana baby's tears
[00:44.006]donna umi ga
[00:46.531]tsumatteru hoshii
[00:49.353]tsunaida te wo
[00:57.895]kagayaki wo
[01:01.031]tame ni
[01:02.401]negai wo nosete
[01:09.133]wo shiranai
[01:10.854]utsukushiki hane ni
[01:16.030]mugen no hikari

Simfile link: (broken link)

Just use any audio editor to time it. I use Audacity which is free to download and very easy with snap-on selection from one end to the other.

You can type this up on regular notepad or whatever word processor out there. Make sure you save it as "Save as..." then the last extention name of the file should be <insert your title>.LRC if you have japanese letters or other language make sure to set the text encode from ANSI to UTF-8

There is program out there is really easy but not really 100% accurate with your timing with the space is called XLyric.

EDIT: Hello, this is rifall here, and i'm here to tell you, you don't need any of those programs. If you go to Edit/Synch songs and pick the song, you'll see somewhere on the >right> it says current second. That's easier than opening up, much less knowing how to use, an entirely different program. Beside Stepmania gets you accurate down to hundredths of a second. So do you really need THREE programs open to do this, or just TWO?

EDIT: Gardevoir here, another way to do this is to put the audio file into a video editing software like Windows Movie Maker (or any other purchased one you may have, I use Vegas Movie Studio Platinum). Although both of the methods above would probably work fine, you can't see the time in direct correlation with the current playback position. With video editing softwares, you typically have the time somewhere on the software, and when you select a position within the audio file it should tell you right away what time position that is.

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