StepMania 4.0

StepMania 4.0

StepMania 4.0 is no longer actively developed. This page is provided here for historical reference.

(Note: StepMania 4 alpha 4 and 5 are precursors to StepMania 5.0, not StepMania 4.0.)


StepMania 4.0 Beta 10
Windows, Mac OS X (Universal Binary: PowerPC and Intel)

StepMania 4.0 Source code repository

Important Notes

  • These builds have bugs. (You're not surprised, are you?)
  • If you encounter a bug, please follow the instructions here to file a bug.
  • If you're going to be editing songs, we suggest you use the latest stable build, StepMania 3.9.


  • StepMania Online part of every release
  • Debug menu (hold F3) (volume controls, theme tools, more)
  • Autosync machine to set "GlobalOffset" (F7 in gameplay)
  • New default theme (in progress).
  • Support for ParaParaParadise controllers.
  • Please see the ChangeLog for each intermediate release for up-to-date details on what has changed since the previous version.

See Developing for StepMania 4.0 for useful technical details about theme changes.

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