StepMania Tools

What is StepMania Tools?

StepMania Tools is a program that contains a bunch of useful companion utilities for StepMania, including:

  • change graphics and sounds options for StepMania
  • export .smzip packages of songs or themes to share with other people

StepMania Tools is included with StepMania 3.9 and newer. It's not incluided in StepMania 5 series. It is currently available only for Windows.

Download StepMania 3.9

Launch StepMania Tools

You can find StepMania Tools in the Start Menu

This is the StepMania Tools main menu.

Change Game Settings

Click "Change Settings" from the main menu.

Use the buttons to change between OpenGL and Direct3D. You may find that one works better on your system than the other.

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