StepMix 1 Contest

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The StepMix 1 Contest was the first of a series of contests hosted by the StepMania developers.



All entries must have been submitted by January 22nd 2006.


Discuss @ DDRManiaX<br/> Discuss @ DDRUK<br/> Discuss @ DDRFreak<br/> Discuss @ Bemanistyle<br/>

Entry requirements

  • Very important: In order for a submission to qualify for StepMix, the music must be licensed so that we can distribute the song on the StepMania web site and on the StepMania Complete CD-ROM. This means that:
  • Any samples used in the music must be available under a license that allows the resulting song to be released under one of the above licenses.
  • Your song must be reasonably sync'd so that the beats match the music file.
  • All songs must have at least Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties for dance-single steps type. Beginner and Challenge difficulties are not required, but are encouraged. dance-double, pump-single, or pump-double steps are not required, but are also encouraged.
  • All submissions must include background and banner graphics, in PNG format.
  • Music files must be in Ogg Vorbis or MP3 format. 44.1khz, 160kbit is encouraged. If a submitted music file has higher bitrate, we reserve the right to resample it down. (Bandwidth is expensive!)
  • All songs must be between 80 and 180 seconds long.
  • All submissions must be 5MB or less in total size.
  • Backgrounds must be 640x480 in dimension.
  • Banners must be either 256x80 (DDR style) or 418x164 (ITG style) in dimension. Do not use "rotated banners", and do not use transparency.
  • Backgrounds and banners must include the song title and song author.
  • No backgrounds movies are allowed, but background animations are allowed as long as they fit within the 5MB size limit.
  • Lyrics are not required, but are encouraged.
  • The steps file must be in either .sm or .dwi format. It is best to choose one file or the other - including both is discouraged, but allowed.
  • Do not submit any unnecessary files (like .sm.old files).
  • There is no need to include CDTitles. A single, consistent CDTitle will be used for the whole pack.

Submission instructions

Submission limits

A person may sumbit multiple songs for the contest. However, any submitter is allowed at most one winning entry. When ranking the winners, we will throw out all winning rankings except for the submitters' top ranking entry. If an entry is thrown out, all entries below are bumped up.


  • 1st place (grand prize): $200 cash + copy of ITG PS2 signed by the development team + an award certificate
  • 2nd place: $100 cash + an award certificate
  • 3nd place: $100 cash + an award certificate
  • 4nd place: $50 cash + an award certificate
  • 5th place: $50 cash + an award certificate
  • 6th place: $50 cash + an award certificate
  • 7th place: $50 cash + an award certificate
  • The submitter will be awarded all prizes for an entry. If multiple people contributed to the entry, it is up to the submitter to distribute the prizes among all contributors.
  • Prize money will be awarded via only PayPal and using the submitter's email address.

How we'll use your submission

All submissions will be made available on and made available on a StepMania Complete CD-ROM sometime in the future. Even non-winning submissions will be used.

You, the creator(s) of the submission, retain full ownership of your work and are free to host it on your own web site, submit it to other contests, or do whatever you want with it.


Winners are chosen at the sole discretion of the StepMania development team.

If it is discovered that the submission is not completely the original work of the submitter and the submitter has not obtained permission from the appropriate rights holders, the entry will be disqualified.

Song: 40%

  • Interesting samples, rhythms, melodies: 15%
  • High quality samples and production: 15%
  • Quality of game-size (~1:30) edit: 5%
  • Appropriateness and creativity of song selection: 5%

Steps: 40%

  • Criteria for all steps: rhythms fit the song, interesting step placement, appropriate challenge for rated meter, steps are fun
  • Single easy: 10%
  • Single medium: 10%
  • Single hard: 20%

Graphics: 10%

  • Criteria for all graphics: aesthetic appeal, layout appropriate for graphic shape
  • Banner: 5%
  • Background: 5%

Additional Content: 10%

  • Any extra steps steps (beginner, challenge, double steps)
  • background animations

If you have any questions about the judging criteria, please e-mail us.

More details about the judging process can be found here: StepMix Judging


  • Make sure that the music is high quality. If you're a musician, ask your friends for feedback and improve the production quality of your work. If you're a step artist, try to seek out music from friends or Creative Commons musicians.
  • Have high quality banner and background graphics. Don't just copy/paste the background to make the banner.
  • Have high quality steps. Steps should either be very technically sound or display creativity (like rhythms or patterns never seen before).
  • If you do include extra steps beyond the required steps, please do make sure they're high quality too. We won't be impressed if you copy/paste steps from other difficulty then throw on some transforms.
  • Music over 120 seconds is strongly discouraged. 100-110 seconds is a good target.


Rules, prizes, instructions and any other information related to this contest are subject to change. This is our first contest and we're bound to make mistakes. We apologize in advance.

We are not responsible for lost entries or mistakes in entries, but we'll try our best to not let such things happen.

If something goes wrong or you don't win, please don't worry. You'll have another chance in a future contest.


<h3>How do I create a song?</h3> Create Your Own Songs<br/> Export and Share a Song

<h3>Are hands, mines, and rolls allowed?</h3> Yes. They're allowed and you're encouraged to use them if it's appropriate for the song and difficulty.

<h3>Do you prefer DDR-style or ITG-style (hands and mines) steps?</h3> Use whatever style you think is most appropriate for the song and difficulty. Just be sure that the steps are high quality across all difficulties.

<h3>Can a simfile previously released to another web site or entered into another online tournament still be entered into StepMix?</h3> Yes.

<h3>Are you judging music quality?</h3> Absolutely. If you're a musician, spend a lot of time polishing your music. If you're a step maker, spend a lot of time looking for a good musician who will allow you to use their music for this contest.

<h3>If I use Creative Commons music, do I need to obtain permission from the author?</h3> If the song is under one of the licenses listed above, the author has already given permission to create derivative works (such as edits and step files), and you don't need to ask again.

Not all Creative Commons licenses are permitted. "NoDerivs" and "NonCommercial" licenses are <b>not</b> permitted. NoDerivs does not allow the creation of step files or game-length edits. "NonCommercial" does not allow selling CDs.

<h3>Will Roxor consider my submission for use in ITG?</h3> People from Roxor are watching this contest, but there are definintely no guarantees that any submissions will be requested for use in ITG.

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