StepMix 1 Judging

Finals - Results

#1Blow Me UpTaren, Heath Whitelock345 points Taren from Illinios, USA
#2ViennaCoreNC.DX, JAKAZiD344 points NC.DX from Chile
#3Oceans of TimeElectronic Elation, Markj1122339 pointsMarkj1122 from Maryland, USA
#4Burning Me Upjammitch!, NuProphet333 points Jammitch from Wisconsin, USA
#5LostKyrandian, Kyrn, Discovolante323 pointsKyrandian from Oregon, USA
#6SnowboundbLind, Sage320 pointsSage from Indiana, USA
#732A5X0-000318 pointsX0-000 from Quebec, Canada

Disqualified Entries

  • Columns -Blue Square OC Remix-: Copyrighted Graphics
  • Csikos POST (Double Drum Mix): Missing Single Easy & Single Medium steps.
  • DiSCONNECTED HaZaRD: Missing Single Medium steps.
  • Electric Holiday: Under the established time frame.
  • I Sawed the Demons: Copyrighted Graphics
  • MaxX AttaxX: Missing Single Easy & Single Medium steps.
  • Maxx Forever: Over the established time frame.
  • Omega: Missing Single Medium steps.

Phase 1 Winners

  • 32A5
  • Blow Me Up
  • Burning me up
  • Destiny -Eclipse Mix-
  • Duel of Speed
  • Eating Candies
  • Frozen Fire (1)
  • Frozen Fire (2)
  • Grip
  • Hooke
  • Let It Flow
  • Lost
  • Oceans of Time
  • Snowbound
  • Supremacy (1)
  • Supremacy (2)
  • Vienna Core
  • Z

Phase 1 instructions

This email was sent to StepMania developers who are eligible to judge the contest entries.

If you wish to participate in StepMix voting:

If you haven't already, download all the entries.

Please download this new torrent even if you downloaded the previous one. The new one corrects mistakes with the 2 Supremacy entries.

If you haven't already, download the voting ballot:

Please download this new ballot even if you've already filled in the old ballot. The new ballot sorts all entries by the music wheel order and adds an identifying number to differentiate entries that have the same song title.

Create and submit your top 20 list

  • Phase 1 of judging will narrow the 98 entries down to 20. This will allow us to better concentrate judging effort on the entries that are prize candidates.
  • Each judge should create a list of their top 20 entries using the judging criteria. You don't need to write down exact scores or even order your top 20 entries - just come up with a list of 20 in any order.
  • 1 point will be awarded to each entry in each judge's list. The 20 entries that receive the most points overall proceed to Phase 2 of judging.
  • Please send your list of 20 to ##############
  • The deadline for submitting your list of top 20 entries is Sunday, March 26, 11:59 PM PST.
  • Important: There are 4 songs (all KaW songs) that have multiple entries of the same song. In your 20 list, be absolutely sure that you include the identifying number from the spreadsheet along with the song title. For example: "Supremacy (2)".

Phase 2 instructions

This email was sent to StepMania developers who are eligible to judge the contest entries.

Even if you did not submit a ballot in phase 1, you are still eligible to judge in phase 2.

Download the phase 2 entries:

Download the voting ballot:


  • Give each song a number score according to the judging criteria.
  • The scores for each song will be totaled to create a grand total for each song.
  • Send your completed ballots to ############.

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