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I have a super dual box and it does not let me do combo moves even when i press up+select+start is there any way of getting this working i have tried the option in stepmania but that does not work either

FAQ addition


(Advance apologies if I put this post in the wrong place -- newbie. Sigh.)

I would like to add some info to the StepMania FAQ which I think would be useful to Linux users -- answers to:
-- how hard is it to compile StepMania from source?
-- will StepMania run on my machine?
-- how do I get a driver that does direct rendering?
-- can I run StepMania in a version of Windows on VMware?

I have both a text version of the questions and answers and an html version which can be simply inserted into the existing html (I tested it).

Can anyone tell me how to contact the person who supports the FAQ so that I can get the information to him/her in case s/he thinks the points would be good additions?

Thanks to (donated web hosting)