Talk:USB Adapters

The issues people have trying to play DDR using many popular USB adapters basically boil down into two categories. The first is the axis problem, which everyone is familiar with (and yet people still describe the problem here instead of writing simply "The Axis Problem.") The second is that many of these adapters do not tap sufficient power from the USB, and when a controller is connected that draws a high voltage (not the same as current) you will produce very inconsistent behavior, including the behavior many people describe where "I get the Windows 'device disconnect' sound and my pad isn't registered at all." What I am recommending is that two extra icons be added along side the current "X" and checkmark. One would represent the axis problem, the other would represent the power problem. Also, a third icon to represent Up+Down+Start(Hold Three Seconds) would be a useful icon as well. --DonnyViszneki 15:54, 15 May 2006 (EDT)

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