The StepMania editor

The StepMania editor allows you to edit, record, synchronize, and play back note patterns. When you choose 'Save', your song will be saved in the .SM format, the .SSC format in StepMania 5, and the DWI format in 3.9 for use in Dance With Intensity. If you save a song that was originally in the BMS or KSF format, the old files will be appended with ".old", and a new .SM (or .SSC) file will be written with your new song data.

Following are a few basic commands that you will find useful in learning to use the editor:

  • Escape = menu
  • Enter = More different menu
  • Up/Down = prev/next line
  • Left/Right = change snap
  • 0 through 9 = add/remove note
  • Enter - Set selection begin marker
  • Space - Set selection end marker
  • P - Play back current selection (if no selection, play whole song)
  • R - Record over current selection (if no selection, record whole song). Use a reasonable snap (red or blue, probably) when recording, since it's hard to be really accurate while writing steps in real time.

Some slightly more advanced commands:

  • Shift + 0-9= add/remove mine
  • F1 = list of hotkeys

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