USB Memory Cards

To enable use of USB memory cards, set MemoryCards=1

  • in "c:\Program Files\StepMania\Data\StepMania.ini" (StepMania 3.9), or
  • in "My Documents\StepMania CVS\Save\Preferences.ini" (StepMania 4.0)

Q: So I have a profile for stepmania but want to save it to a usb flash drive. When I plug in the drive when i play it comes up as a new player and doesnt recognise my profile saved to the comp. How do I transfer my profile?

A: Did you create a profile in StepMania using Options -> Profiles and all your scores are saved to that? If so, copy the Stats.xml saved on your computer:

  • "c:\Program Files\StepMania\Save\LocalProfiles\xxx\Stats.xml" for SM 3.9, or
  • "My Docuuments\StepMania CVS\Save\LocalProfiles\xxx\Stats.xml" for SM 4.0

over the top of the one on your USB drive:

  • "x:\StepMania CVS\Stats.xml"

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