Unlock System

StepMania 4.0

How do you lock only Challenge level steps (like In the Groove home versions did) and only unlocking the stepchart by finishing that song on Hard level?

Try setting [UnlockManager] AutoLockChallengeSteps=1. That will only work in the lastest CVS 4.0 build.

Also, be sure that you have OPTIONS -> Gameplay Options -> Use Unlock System set to ON.

Is 30 the unlock limit? Because I got an error when I did more than 30.

You can have any number of unlocks, but you have to update [Unlocks] UnlockNames when you add or remove an unlock. There's a small example in metrics.ini in the lastest build.

How do I control when an unlock is triggered?

The following are values that you can use to control when an unlock is triggered. These names are used in the same way that "ArcadePoints" is used in the first unlock example in metrics.ini.

  • ArcadePoints
  • DancePoints
  • SongPoints
  • ExtraCleared
  • ExtraFailed
  • Toasties
  • StagesCleared

StepMania 3.9

Unlocks allow songs and courses to be hidden until certain conditions have been met. Conditions are:

Dance points (DP) Require a minimum number of dance points. A Perfect is worth 2 points, a Great is worth 1 point.

Arcade points (AP) Clearing a song is worth 1 point. An AAA or greater is worth 10 points instead.

Song points (SP) A "D" grade is worth 1 point, "C" is worth 2, AA is worth 5, AAAA is worth 20.

Stages Cleared (SC) Require a minimum number of cleared stages.

Roulette (RO) Locked until landed on (not necessarily passed) in roulette. Each entry to be locked via roulette must have its own seed; if multiple songs have the same seed and one of them is landed on, all are unlocked.

Toasties (!!) Songs are locked until a certain number of Toasties appear on screen.

Unlocks are defined in the file unlocks.dat inside of the Data folder. If multiple conditions are given, the song is unlocked when any one is met. Songs are specified in the same format as course entries.


  1. UNLOCK:Duke Of Earl:AP=10;

The song (or course) "Duke Of Earl" requires 10 arcade points to be played.

  1. UNLOCK:Yakety Yak:RO=3;

"Yakety Yak" is in roulette slot 3.

  1. UNLOCK:Banana Boat:CS=30,RO=3;

"Banana Boat" is locked until either 30 stages are cleared, or until landed on in roulette.

  1. UNLOCK:My Course:CS=50;

Course "My Course" is locked until 50 stages are cleared.

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