Wii Dance Pads


Wii/Gamecube Dance Pads

These dance pads have GameCube connectors, which can be used also on Wii. If you own one of these pads, you will need an adapter for use with your computer. See GameCube to USB Adapters for information on getting them to work with your computer.

Some users report that this works with StepMania

Some users report that this doesn't work with StepMania

No information or incomplete information about StepMania compatibility

Dance Pad Connector: USB PlayStation Xbox Gamecube/Wii Port Pump It Up Parallel

Wii/Gamecube Dance Pads

Nintendo Wii Dancepad for DDR Hottest Party


Manufacturer: Konami
Comments: Works with hottest party game and other Gamecube/ Wii compatible DDR games

  • Works in analog mode on PC with SuperJoyBox13
  • Slides around, first one I opened new from box was torn
  • Only owned for a short time, so can't give a durability rating

Buy: DDRgame.com

CTA Dance Mat for Wii


Manufacturer: CTA Digital
Comments: Works with DDR Hottest Party, but not Hottest Party 2. Supposed to also work with some GC DDR games.

  • Must switch modes by holding + for multiple arrows
  • Very responsive, sometimes too responsive
  • Durable enough for casual use, maybe not for hardcore

Buy: Amazon

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